February 25, 2020

Oboe Bevel Reed Knife Sharpening

Knife sharpening can be a tricky business, but sharpening bevel knives can actually be easier than double hollow ground knives. The thing is, you have to keep the angles constant. Whatever you do, don’t change the angles by lifting up the knife.     First, start with the larger flat part of the knife flat on […]

Oboe Reed Knife Sharpening

Confused by the knife sharpening task that we are stuck doing? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let me try and explain in plain ol English. Knife Sharpening is probably the most important and least understood aspects of oboe reed making. My teachers always used to tell me that there are two “secrets” to […]

Double Hollow Ground Knife Sharpening

Before we get into how to sharpen oboe reed knives, let’s look at some of the type of sharpening stones you will need. •The grey carborundum stone •A fine or medium grit diamond stone •An India stone made by Norton •An option for the Norton stone is an Arkansas or ceramic stone. There are two […]