February 25, 2020

Finding That Great Oboe Sound

So, you’re searching for that perfect oboe sound. But do you know what you are really searching for? Many words are used to describe the sound of the oboe.     Light     Dark     Bright     3 dimensional     Heavy     Reedy     Nasal Take your pick. The most important aspect which determines how oboe […]

More Oboe Warm Up Exercises

Here are some more oboe warm-up exercises. Try them basically the same way. Here is another one which is basically the same thing. The same rules apply as the last one. Here is something different. Air support is the most important thing in this example. Think of blowing your air through the last note. Don’t […]

Oboe Warm Up Exercises

  Warming up is a very important part of oboe playing. The reed, embouchure, and air stream must work together in order for you to achieve the best sound combined with the best attacks. These oboe warm up exercises are great for improving all three of these things. In most cases, the examples should be […]