The Curtis Factor-A Wonderful Story

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Go check out this article on It is all about the Curtis Institute and I found it very interesting. Have a look.

Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia, Penns...

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Have a Concert?

Hi everyone. Please let me know about your concerti, (class) recitals, masterclasses, accomplishments (auditions, teaching appointments,etc) major orchestral works(Tombeau, Tchaik 4, etc.), movie appearances!, etc.  I am especially interested in internet streaming...

Finding An Oboe Teacher

For the Parents One day after playing clarinet 2 years in school, I came home and told my parents that I wanted to play the oboe. Their first reaction was, "The who?" "The oboe Mom." "That's nice." She answered, and then said, "What's that. That big curly thing?"...

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