30 Day Practice Challenge

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Here is a fantastic video of New York Philharmonic’s English Hornist Ryan Roberts practicing a passage from Beethoven’s oboe trio from Mozart’s “La Ci Darem La Mano”.

I love his method for practicing fast passages. I will definitely incorporate this into my own practicing.


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Orchestral Musician’s CD Rom Library for Oboe

Here is a way to build a personal library of orchestral repertoire. This is a series of CD roms that contain the Kalmus editions of a large number of original complete oboe parts. There are four volumes in the series containing 200 orchestral works by Beethoven,...

Oboe Music

Buying oboe music is a lot easier now with the internet. Prices are very competitive and actually, the selection is better than most music stores. The one place I can recommend for this is Sheet Music Plus. There, you can find everything for oboe that you could...

Finding An Oboe Teacher

For the Parents One day after playing clarinet 2 years in school, I came home and told my parents that I wanted to play the oboe. Their first reaction was, "The who?" "The oboe Mom." "That's nice." She answered, and then said, "What's that. That big curly thing?"...

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