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Oboe Recordings


Boy, what a great age we live in now. The level of oboe playing around the world couldn't be better. One of the benefits to this is the number of fantastic oboe recordings that are available.

Many of these you don't have to go out to the record store to buy. Just search online and


it's yours.

I have found two places which together seem to have just about every classical cd in print. The first place is called, and the second is

This online record store has about the largest recording collection I have seen to date. The great service that they offer is their search feature. You can search by conductor, piece, composer, artist performer, and even by ensemble. I had a great time just browsing everything. Just click on the banner to begin a very interesting search.

Buy at ArkivMusic!


If those guys don't have what you are looking for, check out They will probably have it. You can search by artist or whichever way you want to.

One great thing about this famous online store, is that you can listen to parts of many of the cd's they sell for free. Just type in the name of the oboist you would like to find and do a search that way. I found that about half of what I was looking for had some sound clips available to listen to.


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