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Oboe Reed Making Supplies

There are many places to buy oboe reed making supplies. Some of these places use the "old fashioned" way of placing an order and sending a check. Other places allow you to order online and pay with a credit card directly.

The unfortunate thing about reed making supplies is how much they have gone up over the past few years. I remember in college I used to pay about $35 for a pound of oboe cane. Now, about 18 years later, it is over $100.

Oh yes, the good old days!

Below is a list of places that I have used over the past years that have a variety of tools, cane, etc. I can recommend them all very highly. Just click on their link to find out more about them.

  • Stevens Double Reeds
    s is probably the best bet for buying tubes. The ones that I recommend are their brass, synthetic cork, thin walled, #2 shaped football. ( Believe it or not, it's only one type of tube.)

    They give a very nice opening, and I have made many good reeds with these tubes. You also can't beat the price!

    At this time they do not have a web site, so you will need to call them to place your order. Their contact info is:

    Stevens Double Reeds
    P.O. Box 2225
    4676 N. Stone Road
    Bethel Island, Ca. 94511
    Tel: 925-684-9821
    Fax: 925-684-9516

Moses's list of just about everything oboe related. This one's great!




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