Making Oboe Reeds Home



Oboe Warm up Exercises

Here are some more oboe warm-up exercises. Try them basically the same way.

Here is another one which is basically the same thing. The same rules apply as the last one.


Here is something different. Air support is the most important thing in this example. Think of blowing your air through the last note. Don't change the airstream for each note.


This is kind of the same as the above exercise, however the range is bigger.


The following exersice may seem like a simple scale in thirds. What I look for here is the best legato that I can produce. If your reed is working properly, you can support the line with your air much easier.



More oboe exercises are on the way. If you have any oboe warm-up exercises and would like to post them here, just let me know and we can put them up.






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