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Well, first off, sorry for the play on words here, but what the heck. Here are some reed tips, or “Tips to help you make better oboe reeds.”

This is the section of the site which will be updated every week.

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So let’s start off by looking at some oboe reed photos. You can’t tell that much by looking at a photo of a reed, however it might be interesting to see.

The “crow” of the reed is where most of the information is, so learn how to crow the reed properly. This will help you learn to balance the reed.

Some of the oboe reed tips which I am prparing are articles on tying the blank, and basic methods of using the knife to scrape the reed.

Oboe Reed Photos

Crowing the Reed

Balancing the reed. . . Here are some helpful hints.

More to come!

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Balancing an Oboe Reed

Balancing an oboe reed can be difficult, especially if you are not that experienced at it. There are some things that can help however. The first step in balancing a reed is to make sure the crow is up to a "C". If it isn't, clip the reed. I prefer using single edged...

Crowing An Oboe Reed

Well, you might think that all there is to crowing an oboe reed is to put it in your mouth and blow hard. In essence that is correct, but did you know that 99% of the information you need to make a good reed is in the crow? That being said, I can hear you asking,...

Oboe Reed Pictures

  They say that you can't really tell much about a reed by the way it looks. I think that is true, however looks do play a small part in how the reed functions. The most important thing when looking at a reed is symmetry. Both blades must look the same. If your...

Finding An Oboe Teacher

For the Parents One day after playing clarinet 2 years in school, I came home and told my parents that I wanted to play the oboe. Their first reaction was, "The who?" "The oboe Mom." "That's nice." She answered, and then said, "What's that. That big curly thing?"...

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