The Curtis Factor-A Wonderful Story

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Go check out this article on It is all about the Curtis Institute and I found it very interesting. Have a look.

Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia, Penns...

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Oboe Reed Tips

Well, first off, sorry for the play on words here, but what the heck. Here are some reed tips, or "Tips to help you make better oboe reeds." This is the section of the site which will be updated every week. Remember that by subscribing to the Making Oboe Reeds...

Have a Concert?

Hi everyone. Please let me know about your concerti, (class) recitals, masterclasses, accomplishments (auditions, teaching appointments,etc) major orchestral works(Tombeau, Tchaik 4, etc.), movie appearances!, etc.  I am especially interested in internet streaming...

Finding An Oboe Teacher

For the Parents One day after playing clarinet 2 years in school, I came home and told my parents that I wanted to play the oboe. Their first reaction was, "The who?" "The oboe Mom." "That's nice." She answered, and then said, "What's that. That big curly thing?"...

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