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The Making Oboe Reeds Academy is a true onlie community stricktly for oboists to provide not only exclusive oboe reedmaking content, but a chance to meet and interact with oboists from all over. 

The Making Oboe Reeds Ebook

A beginners guide to oboe reedmaking


This downloadable ebook is the perfect resource for learning how to make American scrape Philadelphia style oboe reeds. Perfect for begining reedmakers, pros, teachers, and weekend worriors.

The Oboe Reed Finishing Guide

This is a combination downloadable .pdf ebook with a streaming video series focused on finishing American Long Scrape Oboe Reeds. Perfect for all levels of reedmakers and use as a teaching aid.

Shop For Finished Pro, Intermediate and Student Oboe Reeds

January of 2019 I purchesed the oboe reed portion of Weber Reeds. In addition to providing my personal professional and intermediate reeds I also sell 12 other model oboe reeds for all levels of players. I have tried to continue the 30 year tradition of Weber Reeds going. So come over to Shalita Oboe Reeds and check out what we have. Special orders are welcome as well as subsctiption service for all oboe reeds.

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